Types of Shower Heads

Types of Shower Heads

Advancement in technology has changed the lifestyle and the way of living. Surprisingly, the way of taking shower has gone through a lot of changes. Throughout the years, a huge variety of shower heads have been introduced. With the latest models of shower heads, people now relish the shower time more than ever before! For many people, showering is the best way to relax.

An invigorating shower is an ideal way to start and end the day. It is also an excellent practice for maintaining personal hygiene and therapeutic purposes. Many people do not carry out any religious activity without taking shower. For some people, shower is a personal fun time as they can de-stress and unwind by getting lost with their shower song. Several creative thoughts may pop up during the peaceful minutes in the shower and everyone has a unique way to express that.



In the bygone era, ancient tribal people used waterfalls as showers to cleanse themselves. Slowly, the human civilization progressed and became more sophisticated. Instead of standing under the falling water, the Egyptians poured jugs of water. Later, the ancient Greeks invented the showers by pumping water into the shower rooms. The Romans continued this trend and established their bathhouses. Following which, over a period of time, people used hand pump showers.

In the 19th century, the first designer shower was revealed. A hand pump was used to force the water through a tank. Then, in the 20th century, the electric showers were invented. Electric showers are basically tankless water heaters, which generated an instant supply of hot water. They soon became popular as people no longer have to rely on a hot water tank. To cater to the drastically increased demand, more versatile showers were introduced. Today, almost all households have basic to designer showers.



The shower head is an attachment to the source of water, which directs the water flow onto a person for the bathing purpose. Manufacturers produce shower heads using a wide range of materials and sometimes shower heads are created with an overall designer look as well.



People now give more emphasis on the type of shower head to install in their bathrooms. Hence, an array of shower heads is available in the market. It is important to choose a suitable type of shower head as it affects the performance of the shower. The shower head dictates the comfort of showering, efficiency, and pressure of delivered water.

On a basic level, shower heads are categorized into the following types:

  1. Fixed Shower Heads:

One of the most common and popular type of shower heads is the fixed shower heads. They are also widely known as ‘Wall Mount’. Installation of this traditional wall mounted shower head is easy. These shower heads are affixed to the wall above the head height. From the neck of the shower heads, only slight movements are possible thus, the disadvantage of this type of shower heads is that the water only gets directed to a limited area. Hence, some people find fixed shower heads quite inconvenient in usage.

For fixed shower heads, low-flow options are available sometimes. However, as the flow is extremely low, they make showering a time-consuming process. There are also many other options present in the market with different spray techniques. We concur that fixed shower heads are perfect for rental houses, near swimming pools and basic apartments.

  1. Hand-Held Shower Heads:

Hand-held shower heads, also known as ‘Detachable shower heads’, are flexible as compared to the standard wall-mount fixed shower heads. Hand-held shower heads are attached via a length of hose and can either be held in hand or mounted. Also, the detachable shower head mounts are adjustable, offering greater flexibility. Hence, this type of shower head is particularly useful for kids and people with disabilities. These shower heads are available in a variety of spray patterns that makes bathing fun! Hand-held shower heads are the perfect option for boarding schools, care homes, spas, and hotels.

  1. Rainfall Shower Heads:

Rainfall shower heads have steadily gained popularity throughout the years. Depending on the spray pattern, which may feature drenching and rain-like spray, it may also be known as the ‘Waterfall shower head’ or the ‘Rain shower head’ respectively. Rainfall shower heads offer a refreshing feeling the drenching rainfall spray offers an amazing experience with good water pressure and flow.

The rainfall shower heads are generally large in size and are available in a myriad of designs. The rain shower head face features numerous spray nozzles which ensures total body coverage, giving the user a relaxing experience. The gentle shower stream is also perfect to relieve stress and the ceiling mounted rain shower head has calming effects. Hotels and saunas prefer to install this type of shower head to offer luxurious pampering. The rainfall shower head with handheld is also available in a plethora of designs.

  1. Dual Shower Heads:

Dual shower heads or ‘Combo shower heads’ have multiple water streams. The water is sprayed from more than one specific point. Dual head shower system has a diverter valve or a lever which helps to control the water supply. The diverter valve enables the users to operate the different shower head individually. A diverse range of spray settings is available in the dual shower head systems.

In the case of a dual shower heads, choosing the appropriate design is very important. This type of shower head is best for those who like quick but luxurious shower. By offering more water pressure and double the water flow, the dual shower heads system helps to save time and enables effective cleaning.

In selected designs, the shower heads may be attached to each other. However, for other designs, the shower heads may be separate. The dual shower heads can vary in function, design, and size. The dual shower heads system usually includes a traditional hand held shower head and a fixed rain shower head. Luxurious hotels and saunas generally install these types of shower heads to allow users to have the luxury of enjoying two streams of water, enhancing overall user experience .

  1. Sliding Bar Shower Heads:

Sliding bar shower heads are perfect for those who have different heights, but use the same shower. A sliding bar shower head is typically mounted on a wall mounted bar which makes it flexible to use. Each user can then adjust the shower head height as per their own convenience easily. This type of shower head is a hands-free option. Sliding bars are also available in handheld shower head system and are ideal for hotels and swimming pool change areas.

  1. Spa Shower Panels and Body Sprays:

For recreating the luxurious experience of a hydrotherapy spa treatment and body sprays, spa shower panels and body sprays are the best. This type of shower head are specially designed to pamper the users and are usually installed in crisscrossing water pattern. The shower heads and sprays are installed parallel on adjacent vertical walls, offering head to toe body massage as the water streams get equated from all the sides. These spa shower panels and body sprays are combined with shower heads during installation, and are perfect for spas and massage centers.



Beyond the standard fixed and hand-held shower heads, there are numerous varieties of shower heads available. In recent times, many new and effective models are widely available. There is no best shower heads out in the market as it all boils down to personal preference and usage. Your kind of best shower head may differ from your neighbours thus it is crucial to read know the pros and cons of each shower heads and choose wisely. New shower heads out in the market include LED shower heads, shower heads with speakers, high-pressure shower heads, chlorine filter shower heads, etc. Besides your personal preference, you should also choose your shower head depending on the bathroom size, budget, and needs. There is a wide range of shower heads to choose from – from the basic shower head to the lavish shower heads that offer hydrotherapy experience.

Before making any final decision, you must always consider the height of the users. The best shower head should be installed within easy reaching distance of the users. All users must also be able to easily switch on and off the shower as well as to adjust the shower settings. Each type of shower head is beneficial in its own way, but you will have to choose the best one as per your situation and location of use from various types of shower heads.

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