Best Shower Filter

Best Shower Filter

Working long hours makes us physical and mentally stressed out thus, it is essential that we take time out to de-stress and have our own time for relaxation. There are a plethora of relaxation activities, which includes meditation, exercise, yoga, etc. That said, the simplest and most straightforward way to relax is to take a hot water shower. Standing under a steady flow of warm water and enjoying the warmth is a good way to get instant relief from stress.

Nowadays, most showers are fitted with amazing shower heads with a range of excellent spray patterns. Before going further, let’s first understand what do a shower head and a shower filter refer to. A shower head is an attachment to the shower which helps in spraying the water. Now, how does a shower filter help? A filtered shower head enables the efficient use of water, which helps save money and preserve the environment.


About Shower Head Filter:

A small amount of chlorine, a disinfectant which makes water safe for drinking, is usually found in the water supply from taps. Chlorine is proved to be toxic, especially so when the chlorine molecules are re-vaporized, inhaled, and transferred into the bloodstream during showers. Moreover, chlorine has harmful effects on both the skin and hair. With so many disadvantages and health concerns, there is a need of shower head filters, which must be used in every home. So what exactly is a shower head filter? Well, shower head filters help in filtering the chlorine content and other harmful substances from the water, making the water safe for use.


Benefits of Using Shower head Filters:

Using a shower water filter has numerous health benefits and thus, should be installed in all showers. Some of the advantages of using a shower water filter include:

● Protects Helpful Bacteria: Scrubbing and exfoliating dirt from the surface of our skin while showering exposes helpful bacteria present on the body. When the healthy bacteria come into contact with chlorine (in the water), these bacteria will be killed. Hence, using a shower water filter helps protect such helpful bacteria by preventing chlorine from coming into contact with your skin.

● Kills Harmful Bacteria: Besides protecting helpful bacteria, a shower water filter helps to kill harmful bacteria. Over a period of time, due to the environmental elements, different types of microorganisms will accumulate and pile up in the shower head. These harmful bacteria bring about various health issues and has damaging effect on hair and skin thus, should be eradicated. The use of the filtered shower head helps separate these harmful bacteria from the water, thus preventing the bacteria from coming into contact with your skin. In this way, the filtered shower head helps protect its users from the harmful bacteria.

● Prevents Drying of Skin: Steam and heat is produced in the shower when you use hot water, which in turn opens up the pores of your skin. The opening of pores will help facilitate the absorption of chlorine and various chemicals mixed in water into your skin which has detrimental effects on you. The chlorine present in water removes the moisture from your skin, which will lead to various skin problems. Also, the chlorine may cause your skin to turn red and itchy patches may be developed. Hence, it is important to install the shower head filter to help keep your skin moist and to reduce the chances of your skin drying up.

● Helps to Strengthen Hair: The chlorine content in water strips natural oils from your hair, which harms your hair texture; making it dry and frizzy. Chlorine may also cause your scalp to be irritated, causing discomfort. Do you want your hair to lose its shine and luster due to the chlorine? If not, not to worry as this issue can easily be resolved with the installation of water filter for showerheads. The shower head filter will rid chlorine in the water, which enables you to maintain strong, shiny and healthy hair.

● Slows Down Ageing: Chlorine content in water accelerates the process of ageing as it causes premature wrinkling of the skin, graying of the hair, etc. The removal of chlorine with the help of shower head filter is considered to highly effective in slowing down the process of ageing.

● Prevents Inhalation of Chlorine Gas: The hot water released from the showerheads may be re-vaporized, which leads to the release of chlorine gas. When chlorine gas comes in contact with the skin or gets inhaled, it enters the body and goes directly into the bloodstream, which may lead to severe damage. Chlorine filter shower head is the most straightforward solution to help prevent the inhalation of harmful chlorine gas, which in turn protect us from diseases.


How do Shower head Filters Work?

The shower head filter, which helps to remove chlorine, sulfur odor and scales from the water, fits onto the surface of the shower head. This shower head filter reduces the build-up of scales around the faucets and the tub and removes the harmful chlorine, chemicals, impurities, and minerals from the water. The shower water filter also aids in converting the hard water into soft water.

The shower head filter contains a cartridge that removes these impurities. This cartridge needs replacement on regular basis to work efficiently and effectively. Depending on the use of your shower head, the recommended time frame to replace the cartridge is every 6 months or even more frequently when necessary. There are different types of shower head filters available, which comes in various shapes, styles, and sizes. Hence, it is crucial to select one that is suitable to your own needs.


Types of Shower Filters:

With the presence of a range of shower filters available in the market, you should select the shower filter wisely by considering your own personal needs and the type of shower head that you are currently using. Fortunately, shower filters are available for almost all types of shower heads, which includes the rain, fixed, handheld, and shower wants. Also, these shower filters can be purchased as separate units.

Shower filters can be installed on your existing shower head easily. The shower filter can be used either aligned with or attached to the shower head. If your shower head does not have a built-in filter and you are not confident with installing the shower filter yourself, then buying one filtered shower head can save you from many troubles.

The more popular shower filters are:

● Vitamin C: One of the most common shower filters is the Vitamin C filter. The ascorbic acid from the filter creates a rapid and safe chemical reaction that neutralizes both chlorine and chloramines content in the water completely thus, it is a very effective filter that renders the chemicals harmless. This shower filter is adaptable and works well at any water pressure and temperature. Furthermore, Vitamin C shower filters do not to reduce the shower flow rate therefore do not compromise on your shower experience.

Consisting of Vitamin C, this shower water filter is also beneficial for both your skin and hair. The only demerit of this shower water filter is that it requires replacement of the cartridge once in every few months, which is more frequent than other filters.

Kinetic Degradation Fluxion (KDF): The KDF water shower filter is a combination of copper and zinc and it is popular, generally because of its affordability. Usually, when chlorine combines with calcium or other alkaline minerals, it becomes harmless. Hence, KDF water shower filter uses this broad concept to operate. When the water flows through this shower water filter, the KDF filter electrochemically forces the free molecules of chlorine to change its structure. After which, the electric charge combines Chlorine with minerals present in the water, making it safe for use.

The budget-friendly KDF shower filter removes chlorine efficiently and it is most effective in the showers where the water temperature remains high throughout. However, it is not the best water shower filter in removing chloramines. Some users also complained that the KDF shower filter might have a negative impact on the water flow.

Carbon Shower Filter: Simple carbon filters, like the KDF shower filters, are effective in removing chlorine, but have restrains in removing chloramines completely. This carbon water shower filter is most effective during for colder temperatures therefore, it is usually not popular amongst those who are a fan of warm or hot showers. This carbon filter is generally a budget-friendly option for those who do not take hot showers, as the Granular-Activated Carbon filter helps to remove chlorine and other synthetic chemicals efficiently.

Two Stage: This type of shower filter comes with replaceable cartridges and it helps to remove chlorine powerfully.

8 Stage Shower Filter: This water shower filter is the ideal in-line shower filter for those who want to avoid the hassle of changing their existing shower heads but want to enjoy the benefit of clean showers. This water shower filter is attached to the base of the shower hose or between the shower head and the water pipe, and it helps filter out all the impurities and chemicals present in the water. The best part of this water shower filter is that it is possible to backflush the cartridges.

Chlorgon: Chlorgon is a filter media that converts free chlorine as well as the combined chlorine into harmless chlorides. This filter is highly efficient and works effectively at a wide range of water temperatures.

Crystals, Magnets and Mineral Balls: The crystals, magnets and mineral balls are used to soften water by reducing the size of the water molecule clusters.


Best Shower Filters

Still a little lost on which shower filter to get? Well, not to fret because we are here to help. For your convenience, we have shortlisted some of the best shower filters we have found. With numerous good reviews under their belts, you may find a brief description of some of the best shower filters (below) that may satisfy your various needs and desires perfectly.


1. Sprite HO2-WH-M Universal Shower Filter

SG SF SpritePhoto Credits: Amazon

Price: $$

Why Is It The “Best Shower Filter”?

The Sprite universal shower filter is described as one the best shower filter out in the market with its high-output massaging shower filter and a reversible filter cartridge. Manufactured based on the patented Chlorgon non-carbon media, the Sprite shower water filter successfully helps to separate chlorine and other harmful chemicals from the shower water easily. Enjoy this shower water filter, which features a unique and strong high capacity shower filter with massaging shower head. For a better holistic viewpoint, you may weigh the advantages and disadvantages of this shower water filter below:

The Advantages of Sprite Shower Filter:

Featuring a unique and strong high capacity shower filter with massaging shower head, you will generally need a shorter showering time and require lesser soap or shampoo in the shower. All that can be directly translated to cost-savings for you! Furthermore, the Sprite shower water filter is able to provide you with a chlorine- and chemical-free shower, which will then lead to softer and healthier hair as well as smoother skin. Other benefits of Sprite shower filter, one of the best shower filter available, includes:

  • Reversible filter cartridge.
  • Patented Chlorgon non-carbon media.
  • High capacity shower filter.
  • Chlorine- and chemical-free shower.
  • Perms and hair color treatments are able to last longer.

Some Considerations Before Purchasing The Sprite Shower Filter:

Some who have purchased the Sprite shower filter has commented that its design is slightly fragile, and may not be suitable for heavy-use. That said, it still works well with extra care and attention, and is perfect for showers used by only a handful of people.

Who is The Sprite Shower Filter Recommended for:

The Sprite shower filter is ideal for those consumers who are in search of a value-for-money shower filter. With all the benefits above-mentioned and it being affordable, this best shower filter is perfect for those with sensitive skin issues or those who uses hair colors and hair treatments.


2. Culligan WSH-C125 Shower Filter

Culligan WSH-C125 Shower FilterPhoto Credits: Amazon

Price: $$

What Makes Culligan One of The Best Shower Filters in The Market?

Tested and certified by NSF International against ANSI Standard 177, the Culligan shower filter is undoubtedly one of the more popular shower filters in the market. With a bacteriostatic filter media, paired with a 5-year warranty, the Culligan definitely gives the consumers confidence when they purchase one of the best shower filter. You may be asking what exactly is a bacteriostatic filter. Well, this shower filter basically limits the passage and growth of bacteria, bringing about a cleaner and healthier shower experience for the user.

The Benefits of The Culligan Shower Filter:

As prior explained, this shower water filter limits the passage and growth of bacteria. The filter cartridge is also tremendously durable as it can lasts for up to 10,000 gallons of water and flexible as the filter cartridge can be used across all Culligan filtered shower heads. Moreover, this best shower filter effectively helps to reduce sulfur chlorine, odor, and scale. A reduction in all those will lead to positive results, such as cleaner skin and softer hair. Besides all these gains, the Culligan shower filter:

  • Requires little or no maintenance.
  • Is easy to install.
  • Comes with removable flow restrictor.

Downsides of the Culligan Shower Filter:

It is crucial to weigh both the advantages and disadvantages of a product before purchasing it. To provide you with a more neutral view, the downsides of this best shower filter is as follows:

  • The filter top is on a heavier side, which got some consumers slightly worried.
  • After installation, you may experience reduced water flow. However, this situation can easily be improved by removing the flow restrictor installed in the shower filter.

Who is The Culligan Shower Filter Recommended For:

The Culligan shower filter is best for people with extremely sensitive skin and/or those who constantly face skin problems such as dry skin due to chlorination of water. With the powerful bacteriostatic filter, skin-sensitive consumers will surely see their skin condition turn for the better with cleaner shower water.


3. The AquaBliss Universal Shower Filter

The AquaBliss Universal Shower FilterPhoto Credits: Amazon

Price: $$

Why Should You Get This Shower Filter?

With a multi-stage filtration system in place, the AquaBliss shower filter blends KDF 55, calcium sulfite and activated carbon techniques to ensure maximum filtration of water, thus placing it in the top few spots of the best shower filter available for grabs. The AquaBliss universal shower filter features a replaceable multi-stage filter cartridge which can efficiently remove chlorine, heavy metals, bacteria and pesticides from shower water. Additionally, this best shower filter also inhibits the growth of scale, fungi, algae, and mold in the bathroom.

What Makes This Shower Filter the “Best Shower Filter”?

With the effective removal of chlorine, other chemicals and bacteria from the shower water, the AquaBliss shower filter enables the user to enjoy a safe and comforting shower experience. The deterrence of the growth of scale, fungi, algae and mold in the bathroom also allows the bathroom to be kept in a tiptop state, giving the users a piece of mind. Other benefits of this best shower filter are as follows:

  • It works well in both hot and cold water conditions.
  • This filter is easy to install, with minimal tools required.

Possible Concerns Over The Shower Filter:

Like previous reviews, we try our best to provide you with both sides of the stories. So, for this particular AquaBliss shower filter, the drawbacks include:

  • Users may experience reduced water pressure, which might hinder with their total shower experience.
  • The filter cartridge generally has a shorter lifespan as compared to other shower filters, thus need to be replaced more frequently.

Who Should Get This Shower Filter:

The AquaBliss shower water filter is recommended for those with dry and itchy skin, and/or those suffering from dandruff and eczema issues. This best shower filter is also known to improve the overall condition of the user’s hair, skin, and nails.


4. Jonathan Product Beauty Hard Water Shower Filter System

Jonathan Product Beauty Hard Water Shower Filter System
Photo Credits: Amazon

Price: $$

Why Is This Hailed As One of The “Best Shower Filter”?

With the patented 2-stages purification system – which helps remove copper and lead from water then replace them with potassium ions – this Jonathan shower filter is unquestionably one of the best shower filter. The patented 2-stages purification system, also known as the hard water shower filter system, provides the users with water in its purest form, enriched with potassium ions which aids in the balancing of the water pH level.

The Pros of The Jonathan Shower Filter:

With the hard water shower filter system, a balanced water pH level will mean healthier water source, which leads to healthier and happier users. Besides that, the Jonathan Shower Filter:

  • Does not reduce water pressure.
  • Helps in maintaining softer skin and makes the hair glossy and shiny by balancing the water pH level.

The Cons of This Shower Filter:

As always, there are two sides to (every) coin. We will now look into the cons of this “best shower filter”, which might or might not be a concern to you:

  • Short filter life – It only lasts for 6-months.
  • Relatively expensive, which may be a concern to price-sensitive users.

Who Should Be Using This Shower:

This hard water shower filter is deemed to be more suitable for those who want a steady flow soft water. Also, this shower filter is good for users who wish to maintain their hair color for a longer duration.


5. Rainshow’r CQ-1000-MS Shower Filter with Massaging Shower Head

Rainshow'r CQ-1000-MS Shower Filter with Massaging Shower Head
Photo Credits: Amazon

Price: $$

What Are Some Features to Note For Rainshow’r Shower Filter:

Rainshow’r Shower Filter is considered to be one of the better shower filters out there, with the NSF-Certified system and a massage function-enabled shower head as the main highlights. This best shower filter has a polyester pre-filter element, which increases the cartridge performance by removing sediments carefully. Besides, the Rainshow’r shower filter also features a sun-dried quartz crystals layer.

Positive Reviews of The Best Shower Filter:

As the chlorinated water flows through the KDF filter system, a galvanic and electrolytic reaction is created. As the two chlorine ions and zinc ion are combined, the formation of harmless zinc chloride will then be triggered. This shower water filter proves to be exceptionally effective, with the ability to remove over 90% of the free chlorine, earning the good reviews of many. Other advantages of this best shower filter are:

  • Installation is easy and can be completed in minutes.
  • No special tool(s) required for installation.

Limitations of The Rainshow’r Shower Filter:

However, despite all the bonuses, this shower filter has its shortcomings:

  • Cartridges last for only 6-9 months, which make replacement slightly expensive.
  • Price point of this shower filter is slightly leaning towards the high side.

Target Group That Should Get This Shower Filter:

The Rainshow’r shower filter is recommended for those groups of people who wish to experience a comfortable and safe chlorine-free shower at home, without digging a hole in their pockets. This shower water filter is also good for those who experience hair issues such as fading color on treated-hair and itchy flaky scalp. Also, those with dry skin problems may consider getting this shower water filter.


6. UBS Vita Fresh Shower Filter

UBS Vita Fresh Shower Filter
Photo Credits: Amazon

Price: $$

What Do You Gain From This Shower Filter?

The UBS shower filter makes use of a Vitamin C filter, which means that it adds pharmaceutical food grade Vitamin C in the shower water as it passes through the shower filter. This is marketed as one of the best shower filter and it complies with the de-chlorinating requirements of the EPA’s Clean Water Act completely.

Benefits of This Vitamin C Shower Filter:

Environmentally safe, this Vitamin C shower filter safely and totally neutralizes the chlorine and chloramines presence in the shower water with the use of Vitamin C. Furthermore, this Vitamin C shower filter features an all-natural DOLKI ceramic ball which makes the water molecule smaller, thus allowing the water to be energized, and this in turn helps to improve hydration. Besides those points stated, other advantages of the UBS Vitamin C shower filter include:

  • Easy installation.
  • Process to change the filter cartridge is simple and straightforward.
  • Installation does not affect the shower water pressure.

Restrictions of This Vitamin C Shower Filter:

As for the other side, the restrictions of this shower water filter are:

  • The cartridge filter life lasts only up to 10,000 liters.
  • The frequent replacement of the cartridge may be costly.
  • Cost of this shower filter is inclined towards the high side.

Who Should Get This Vitamin C Shower Filter:

This UBS shower water filter is suitable for people who want to improve the conditions of both their skin and hair textures as this Vitamin C shower filter has rejuvenating effect.


7. Aqua Home Group Universal 8-Stage Water Shower Filter

Aqua Home Group Universal 8-Stage Water Shower FilterPhoto Credits: Amazon

Price:  $$

Why is The Shower Filter from Aqua Home Good For You?

The Auqa Home shower filter features a 8-stages shower filter, with 4-stages of filtration process. With that, this shower head is able to remove up to 99% chlorine content in the shower water, making it one of the purest water source available.

Why Should You Purchase This Shower Filter from Aqua Home?

Besides offering complete compatibility, other benefits of this shower filter are as follows:

  • Very adaptable – Able to work well with both high-pressure and low pressure shower.
  • With one of the purest water source, you will find a reduction in stains (left by the minerals residue) on the shower.
  • Affordable and value-for-money.

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing The Aqua Home Shower Filter:

As for its negative side,

  • Users may experience a very bad metallic water taste for a few hours after its installation.

Who Is This Shower Filter Recommended for:

The Aqua Home shower filter is favorable for those with sensitive skin as it helps to cure eczema-like and other skin conditions.


Installation of Shower Filter

The process for the installation of the shower filter is very simple and the various steps for installation are as follows:

1. Detach the shower head: The first thing you will need to do is to remove the existing shower head. Each type of shower head has specific instructions to be detached so its very important to follow the instructions manual carefully. Most shower heads require the use of pliers for removal so it is always good to have one at reach just in case.

2. Selection of the appropriate filter: As mentioned previously, the shower water filters are available in various sizes and shapes. Hence, it is crucial that you select the right filter which fits your existing shower head and meets your own personal needs.

3. Flush the shower filter: Before use, the new shower water filter needs to be flushed with water, which helps to remove the excess carbon particles from the water.

4. Fit the shower filter: The Teflon tape helps to properly set the shower filter at its designated place thus, it is a good practice to have a few turns of Teflon tape around the shower threads to help fit the shower water filter correctly. Rotation of the shower water filter in the clockwise direction to tighten the filter in place. If required, a wrench can be used for tightening it.

5. Check for proper fitting: To check that the shower water filter is installed rightly, start the flow of water and look out for any leakages. If everything looks perfect, you are all set!


Replacement of Cartridge:

The cartridge installed in the shower water filter plays an important role in the filter assembly. Sometimes, the cartridge gets damaged during the filtration process and needs replacement. The steps for replacing the filter cartridge (below) are easy to follow and can be done yourself:

1. Removal of filter: The first step you will need to do is to remove the shower filter. If you are unable to uninstall the shower water filter without any tools, a simple turn of the wrench will do the job easily.

2. Flushing of new cartridge: After which, flush the new cartridge with water to remove any excess carbon particles. Do note that the new selected cartridge should have similar model, size and shape and should fit the filter perfectly without much force.

3. Replacement of cartridge: Then, remove your old cartridge and replace it with new one. Place the new cartridge properly into the filter to ensure that it operates correctly. It is important to screw the new filter well to avoid future leakage.

4. Mounting of the filter: Lastly, with the help of the wrench, place the filter at its original position and tighten it well. Test it out and if it should be working well!

Shower filters have many health benefits and you should have them installed in your shower heads. With so many shower water filters easily available in the market, most of them are priced competitively and are extremely affordable. That said, it is crucial to choose the best shower filter that suits your needs perfectly or else the shower filter will deem to be useless. To select the best shower filter for you, what you can do is to read all the specifications carefully and consider all the pros and cons of the different shower filters, before opting for the best one in accordance to your needs.

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