Best Rain Shower Head

Best Rain Shower Head

A good morning shower can start off your day on the right pitch, leaving you feeling relaxed and ready to handle whatever the world has to throw your way throughout the day. If you are looking for a way to enhance the experience of your morning routine, perhaps it is high time you consider looking into the best rain shower heads.

A rain shower head is quite different to the normal shower heads, which you are used to. They are slightly larger in design and the idea behind the design is to ensure that showering feels as if you are standing in the rain – just a lot warmer, and far more comfortable! You may find the best rain shower head that we have shortlisted below:


1. Artbath Extra Large 12 ” Rain Shower Head Fixed Mount Ultra-Thin Stainless-Steel Rainfall Shower Head

Best Rain Shower Head: Artbath Extra Large 12 " Rain Shower Head Fixed Mount Ultra-Thin Stainless-Steel Rainfall Shower HeadPhoto Credits: Amazon

Price: $56.99

What You Can Benefit From This Rain Shower Head

The first thing to look at when it comes to investing in a rain shower head is the rain shower head reviews on the product. This will help you determine if the product meets all of its boasts. There is no need to worry about this rain shower head from Artbath as it is both reliable and trustworthy. Also, you gain the following from investing in it:

  • Provides a unique full-body rain shower experience, unlike anything you have ever experienced before.
  • Designed to be aesthetically appealing.
  • Easy to adjust to suit your preference while in the shower.
  • Designed to be easy to clean and remove residue build up.

What Makes This A “Best Rain Shower Head”?

The Artbath was designed to bring a comfortable, muscle relieving rain-like experience to your shower each and every morning. The larger design was made to be aesthetically appealing and to fit in with the overall character of your bathroom. Of course, manufacturers used only the best quality material to ensure durability and longevity. When it comes to rain shower heads – this is the best option on the table.

The Advantages Of The Artbath Rain Shower Head

As with any product, there is always a list of advantages and disadvantages. However, the good news about this rain shower head is that the advantages far outweigh any cons. This is supported by the rain shower head reviews on Amazon! Some of the advantages include:

  • Full body coverage thanks to the oversized 12” rain shower head.
  • Easy to install, with no tools necessary.
  • Designed for a modern aesthetic look that will improve the overall ambiance of your bathroom.
  • Easy to adjust according to preference.

Things To Consider Before You Invest In This Product

When it comes to this product, there are very few viable reportings of potential disadvantages. The main thing to consider is the level of water pressure in your home. If you struggle with water pressure, the rain shower feature may be inhibited from its full potential.

Who This Rain Shower Head Is Ideal For:

At the end of the day, perfecting your shower experience is a good way to begin your day each and every morning. After all, it gives you a few minutes to collect your thoughts and prepare for whatever challenges life may throw your way during that day. If you are searching for a way to enhance the experience of your shower each and every morning – this is the product for you.


2. LORDEAR F01082CH Solid Square Ultra Thin 304 Stainless Steel 12 Inch Adjustable Rain Shower Head

Best Rain Shower Head: LORDEAR F01082CH Solid Square Ultra Thin 304 Stainless Steel 12 Inch Adjustable Rain Shower HeadPhoto Credits: Amazon

Price: $33.99

Why This Rain Shower Head Is Ideal For Your Home

A simple shower can either make or break your day. With an average of 28,000 showers throughout your lifetime, there is always room for improvement to enhance your shower experience. If you are looking for an exquisite shower experience in your home and to experience bliss every morning, this may be the best rain shower head for you. Some of the key features of this rain shower head can be found below:

  • Designed with high-quality material.
  • The entire unit is made of stain and steel – no fragile components that can age and break.
  • The nozzle is designed with silicon to make it easier to clean.
  • Stainless steel design provides an aesthetic feel to your bathroom.

What Sets This Rain Shower Head Aside From The Rest?

At the end of the day, there are countless rain shower heads out there and this can make it frustrating to find a shower head that suits your desires. However, as can be seen from this rain shower heads reviews, there is no better fit for your home. Providing a blissful and invigorating morning shower experience to everyone in your home, what better way to start your day besides the Lordear rain shower head?

The Advantages Of Lordear Rain Shower Head

There is no product out there that does not have its own distinct set of advantages and disadvantages. The most important tool when it comes to buying power is knowledge. That is why we decided to list both the advantages as well as the shortcomings for the products to allow you to weigh the pros and cons yourself. Some of the advantages include:

  • Easy to install.
  • Designed for durability and longevity.
  • Manufactured with an aesthetically appealing and friendly to use design.
  • Easy to rotate to your preference.
  • Affordability 

Some Things To Consider Before Investing In This Product

Of course, there are always consumers out there who find shortcomings with the product. The biggest shortcoming tends to be the weight of the rain shower head. As the rain shower head tend to be on the heavier side, many consumers warned that it should be tightened thoroughly in order to get the best experience, without risk of the shower head coming loose.

Who This Rain Showerhead Is Ideal For:

At the end of the day, this particular product is suitable for all ages and demographics. Simply put, if you are looking to enhance the comfort and soothing relief of your shower, this is the solution. Designed for longevity and at an affordable price, the Lordear rain shower head is truly one masterpiece.


3. Rozin Bathroom 20 Inches Rain Shower Head Chrome Brass Ultrathin Shower Top Sprayer Ceiling Mounted

Best Rain Shower Head: SG RozinPhoto Credits: Amazon

Price: $75.00

What Makes This Classify As One Of The Best Rain Showerheads In The Market

When it comes to products, the difference between the mediocre and the great is the minute details. Rozin truly pulled out all of the stops to ensure that this product is able to thoroughly transform your shower experience. Some of the pro features include:

  • Large shower head for a thorough and enjoyable shower.
  • Contemporary water spraying pattern for a blissful shower experience.
  • Easy to install. No tools necessary.
  • Two different settings to choose from.

Why This Product Is A Better Preference Than Other Rain Shower Heads

Showers have the power to keep your mind fresh and ready for the the day. Afterall, it is that few moments of peace to yourself. You definitely want to start your day soothing your muscles and enjoying the feeling of hot water cascading down your body. The Rozin rain shower head provides this and more. Rest assured that it is certainly one of the best rain shower heads available in the market.

The Advantages Of The Rozin Rain Showerhead

Of course, there are always pros and cons regardless of the product. In order to find a product that is ideal for your home, it is important to know exactly what you will be receiving and that is the reason why we decided to list both the advantages as well as the disadvantages of the product. So, without further-a-do here are some of the advantages:

  • Large shower head designed for top-tier shower experience.
  • Easy to install – no tools are necessary for the job.
  • The high-quality material used to ensure that the unit is durable, and has a long lifespan.

Some Things To Consider Before Investing In This Product

The biggest downfall of this product is the price. Although it is true that it is almost double the initial investment of the other products we have listed, the experience is unparalleled. If you ask us, we would say that it is surely a worthy investment. If you want a blissful shower experience, this is the rain shower head to get!

Who This Product Is Ideal For:

This rain shower head is ideal for all individuals who want to enjoy 10-minutes a day soaking in warm water. If you have a partner in crime, you can enjoy the feeling of romance and rain as the water cascades down your body.


How To Install Your Brand New Shower Head

The best part about rain shower heads is that they are really simple to install. As you can see from the rain shower head reviews, no customers struggled to install any of these products. Regardless, we will still walk through the steps with you to ensure that you reap all the benefits from your new rain shower head.

First Step – Taking Out The Old Shower Head

The first step is really simple. All you need to do is to turn your former shower head anticlockwise in order to remove it. If the instructions state that no tools are to be used, do not try using a wench to prevent spoiling it. Also, plumbing using the wrong pressure can lead to a disaster. Keep loosening the showerhead until it comes loose.

Step Two – Ensuring The Pipe is Threaded

The next step involves using that awesome Teflon tape you have received. Once the shower head is removed, there will be a protruding pipe (the shower pipe). Ensure that you wrap the threads of the pipe in Teflon tape. Feel free to run your fingers over the tape to ensure that it is securely on the pipe.

Step Three – Installing The New Shower Head

Finally, all you need to do is take your brand-new rain shower head and align the input with the pipe. Turn it clockwise until it is fastened securely. Your rain shower head is now completely installed and ready to be used. Be sure to turn the shower on after to inspect for leaks or any signs of defects.

So are you ready to go to the next step to get a new rain shower head? We are sure that one of the above products has peaked your interest. After all, they are all great options to enhance the experience of your shower each and every morning!

Choosing the perfect shower head for your home can be a tad frustrating at times. So, why not let experts help? We will be more than willing to provide our insights! All you need to do is reach out to us via our Contact Us page.

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