About Us


We have decided to start Shower Globe for a simple reason: We are so tired of all our friends and relatives asking what are the best brands around for their toilets! We hope this informative website, filled with our brain juices and experiences, will be able to help you make wise toilet choice(s).

A quick introduction of the keyboard warriors behind this website¬†–

Noah:¬†Noah is a freelance master electrician with over 20 years of experience under his belt. Although said to be partially-retired, Noah’s workaholic nature has seen him work at least three days per week. Noah also strongly believes in lifelong learning thus, he is currently studying a part-time certificate program to help upgrade his skills and knowledge.

Emma: Emma was previously an editor but did a radical career switch to a full-time architect. She has been in this field for around five years now and has not regret her decision a single bit. She gets her positive work energy from helping people build their dream home.

Noah and Emma met during one of their joint projects and they have been good buddies since then. Both of them hope to help people make better informed decisions for their new home.



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